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How do you setup your SPG correct on you deco or stage reg.

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

There are many different ways to tidy up your SPG on your deco/stage regulator. But here i will show you what I've done and why I think it works great.

Bungy vs. caveline vs. zip-tie

Most of the times I see divers use cave line to tie the SPG to their 1. stage. Although this works and can be cut away if needed, it is a permanent way of connecting that does not allow for much flexibility. It is still better that using a zip-tie because they are much too hard and sharp, plus if they come loose, not easy to reattach. And lets face it looks ugly.

I prefer to use a bungy. This gets wrapped around the base of the HP hose and that folded over the first stage and over the SPG housing. This way it stays secure, but at the same time allowing for some flexibility.

Also you can release the tension of the HP hose, when you are not using the reg. As an even added bonus, "but wait mike...there is more" kinda style. You can hang the reg by the valve using the bungy.

Hang the reg from the bungy
stage or deco regulator for technical diving

What do you need?

To make this you will need the folowing.

  • Scissors

  • Lighter

  • 30cm 4mm bungy

  • Know how to make a fishermans knot

  • Deco/stage reg with 15cm HP hose

make a loop tying both ends using a fishermansknot.

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22 feb 2019

I will reply ASAP :-)

Me gusta

Ben Bos Gyldenvang
Ben Bos Gyldenvang
22 feb 2019

You can ask questions or leave a comment down here!

Me gusta
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