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To get a scuba FIT has nothing to do with fitness, it does however has everything to do with how I can help you FIT into your diving equipment and diving style. Are you in doubt of what to buy, or how to proceed with your scuba diving career? You want to progress but are unsure what training to choose.?


BOOK a ScubaFIT session and get straightforward advice you can apply right away without having to get stuck buying the wrong stuff and/or spending time and money on the wrong courses.

- Do you want to get out of the water looking like a happy diver who enjoyed the dive?

- Do you feel sometimes your control underwater is a bit, out of control?

- Do you think diver training should give you more than a plastic card?


If you answer yes to these questions, I can assure you that with very little effort and a few concentrated sessions underwater with me, I can help you achieve:


1: More control during your diving

2: Use much less gas on your dives

3: Dear I say, a happy ending to all your dives ;-)


I provide coaching and training for all levels. If you want to bring your diving to another level contact me on:




1 Hour, dive review - check dive: Euro 75,- (DK 550,-)

Including, Video debrief, and advice and plan for your diving future.

1 Hour, training dive single tank or double tank: Euro 110,- (DK 850,-)

Including equipment walkthrough, Video debriefs and tailored training tips for you. Course advise and equipment advice.

For pricing on all the Scuba Courses, I offer: click here: Scuba courses pricelist



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