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UTD Essentials

Get to know everything about the UTD DIR Philosophy. Standardise your diving and stop taking 2 steps back to go one step forward. This is the first step to 100% control and wil change your diving for good! 

UTD Mini's

UTD Mini's are a great way to learn about a specific area in diving. It can be as easy as an SMB mini to learn to master your SMB or a scooter. No nonsese short classes with value! Based on real diving and not just theory.

UTD Advanced

Advanced diving takes you deeper underwater and deeprin into dive theory. As a recreational diver looking to explore more and experience wrecks and deeper reefs. The use of Nitrox and advanced dive planning are going to be easy!

UTD Tech

One of the highest rated classes of UTD are the UTD Tech classes. Due to their building block nature. These courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills to do these dives with confidence and 100% control! Learn to dive, DIR

PRO Training

Are you dreaming of teaching diving and earning money as an instructor? Than join our family of UTD instructors and spread the knowledge!