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We can service your diving equipment

We can service your diving equipment, like regulators BCD's cylinders and drysuits.

We do not service all brands, but we can always point you in the right direction.

We service regulators from:







UTD Equipment

We usually have service kits in stock but if not there is short delivery time. It will take about 5-7 working days for us to service you regulator. If you are in a hurry we can provide fast service and have it ready in 48 hours.( providing we have the service kits in house )

We service all brands of BCD's and Wings. We wash the BCD's bladder inside and out. And treat it for salt and chlorine effects. The valve and dump valves will get inspected and serviced. Finally, we do a leak test.

Drysuit repair is a specialty of ours, we repair suits from all over. Private suits and commercial suits. We use special glue and materials only available for commercial use. 



1st stage: € 60,- / kr. 450,-

2nd stage: € 60,- / kr. 450,-

Inflator hose:€ 7,- / kr. 50,-

SPG: € 13,- / kr. 100,- ( we replace the swivel )

Swagelock QC6 M/F set: € 45,- / kr. 339,- 

UTD Sidemount isolatable manifold: € 35,- / kr. 250,-

Extra charge for O2 cleaning kr. 75,- / stage.

If your regulator is very dirty, corroded or previously wrongfully service there can be a surcharge. We always contact you if the total service cost will exceed the standard price by more that 10%.


Cylinder cleaning 1 treatment: kr. 199,-

Cylinder O2 cleaning: kr. 199,-,  in combination with standard cylinder cleaning: 75,-

Visual inspection: kr. 75,- ( free of charge with all forms of cylinder service )

Single tank valve service: kr. 149,- standard O2 clean ( without parts parts are Kr. 195,- )

Twin tanks valve service: kr. 350,- standard O2 clean ( without parts parts are Kr. 325,- )

Assembly or disassembly of a twin tank setup: kr. 100,- / kr. 50,- with twin tank valve service)


Neck seal exchange latex: kr. 799,- ( + kr. 400,- for a MTM neoprene seal ) 

Wrist seal exchange latex: kr. 399,- / wrist, you can choose between Bottle shaped or Coned shaped seals in both heavy duty or standard duty. Standard size will fit most. But we can offer Small and XL sizes. Coned shaped seals can be cut to fit.

Zipper exchange: kr. 2899,- incl. Metal BDM or Plastic YKK

Boots exchange: kr. 2899,- incl. Socks, Flexsoles DEDEX or Standard boots.

Repair of leaks get charged by kr. 185 / 30mins plus materials.

Leak test: kr. 125,-( free of charge with repair )

If your suits are especially dirty or require more cleanup work prior to glueing there might be an extra fee, We always contact you if the total cost will exceed the standard price by more than 10%.


Standard BCD service: € 25,- / kr. 200,-


Official SUEX Scooter service. All vital seals will be replaced and the propeller shaft will be serviced and bearing replaced. O-rings will be replaced and the scooter will be looked over in detail for defects or other possible issues. Finally, we will perform a vacuum test. We also have the ability to do a burn test on your battery. All data will be registered officially on the SUEX website and a record will be sent to you by mail. 

During the 4 year service, we almost completely refurbish your scooter, all buttons and switches are taken out and the gaskets and O-rings are replaced, the motor will be take out and inspected, the bearing will be inspected. The 4 year service includes also the 1 year service. We suggest bringing your scooter in for service every year, and we will keep a digital record of your service history. This will greatly increase the life of your scooter as well as the resale value if your ever decided to sell the scooter. 

Anual service ( Suex service level S2 ): € 299,- Euro,  DKK 2.245,-

4 year service  ( Suex service level S3 ): € 399,- Euro, DKK 2.995,-

Burn test Battery: € 25,- Euro,  DKK 189,- 

Problem solving: on quote

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