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Finning technique: Frogkick

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

When it comes to swimming around under water, few 2 legged creatures are better at it than the frog. Maybe that is why this finning technique we are discussing today is called the frogkick.

Why bother? flutterkick - frogkick who cares?

Well if you care about the visibility or your gas consumption or let's say getting more control over your drysuit, you should consider using the frogkick at your primary swimming technique when scuba diving.

Using the frogkick you use less power because you are not using your big thighs. You dont silt our the bottom because you send the water flow backwards and up. And last but not least you stay more balanced, because both legs stay at the same depth.

It's just 3 small steps to get started

  • Loading stroke

  • Get your feet in the right position

  • Push water backwards rather then kicking

You kick and glide... kick and glide... practice practise, keep those knees up!

5 more kicks coming soon

There are 5 more kicks you can learn.

Modified frogkick

Modified flutter kick

Helicopter turn

Back kick

( bonus ) sidekick

comming soon on this blog

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